Wages Increase for Local Theater Musicians

December 6, 2013

On December 2, musicians who work with touring Broadway musicals in Milwaukee ratified a four-year contract negotiated between AFM Local 8 and Broadway Across America (BAA). The deal includes performance wage increases of 10.9% and other improvements over the term of the agreement.


The photograph below depicts musicians who worked “White Christmas” at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts November 26 through December 1, the first production covered by the new agreement and its increased wages.

White Christmas Orch 001

Upper left to lower right corners: touring musicians James Cunningham, Louis B. Crocco, and Michael Horsley; local musicians Mark Hoelscher, Terry Smirl, Ronald Foster, Donald Sipe, Brett Murphey, Jon Lovas, Jonathan Winkle, Peter Brusen, Mark Urness, William Helmers, Matt Antoniewicz, David Lussier, Jerry DiMuzio, and Kathryn Krubsack. Not pictured: Jayne Latva, who was behind the camera.